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Eating For Health not Hunger

The success of my business and outcome with patients always starts with understanding the foods you eat. This book takes you on an educational journey like no other book will. Download and share it. It in itself, can teach YOU how to regain health. A big eye opener to first time readers.

Solving The Prostate Dilema

This is a one of a kind guide. there is no other guide like it to be found on the net. It addresses what the prostate is, how it becomes enlarged and how to nurture and fix the issue. A must read by ALL men no matter what age.

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Basic Guide To Detoxification

Our exposure to toxins is, unfortunately unavoidable. Our Food, water, clothes, cosmetics, air and cleaning products all contain them. This guide teaches you about cells, toxins and our elimination pathways and how to support them in their detoxification roll. Great Guide for beginners to advanced.

Its Your Liver Look After It

Understand the liver, its functions, the symptoms of a failing liver and how to look after it. Alcohol, toxins and diet all play a roll. This basic guide helps you understand it all.

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